If one thing has changed for everyone, it is the way we meet other people. At the same time, applications like Zoom , have gained a place in our lives as some of the most popular social networks already had. Today, Zoom has grown so much that it has managed to optimize problems like the ones it had regarding privacy, which it has solved through end-to-end encryption and other measures. The platform also recently added a marketplace for virtual events and is testing app integrations like Slack and Dropbox.

1.Change the background

The beach, outer space or any place you decide can be the background for your video calls. The only requirement for customization is to have a system that meets all the requirements to support the task, the rest is a piece of cake: you just have to go to Settings> Virtual background and select or load the image you want from there.

2.Mute the audio and turn off the camera by default

You are not in the right condition for your coworkers to see you, but it took too long to deactivate the camera? Don’t worry, because you are not the only person who suffers from this problem. To avoid the hassle you can configure this before your video calls from Settings> Audio> Mute microphone when joining a meeting, and then Settings> Video> Turn off my video when joining a meeting.

3.Mute and unmute with the space bar

A simple but effective trick. Didn’t you remember that you were muted and it’s your turn to speak? Stop wasting time with the cursor, because from now on the space bar will be your best friend. Just by pressing this key you can mute or reactivate the microphone.

4.Turn on the beauty filter

Perfectionist? If you are interested in taking care of every detail of your appearance and consider that you need an extra, this option is for you. Filters are no longer exclusive to Snapchat or Instagram and have reached Zoom; Thanks to these you can have a smoother appearance, and perhaps you can look fresher and more rested for those morning meetings.

To activate the beauty filter, you must click on the up arrow next to Start video. Then you must select Video settings and, in My video, check the Retouch my appearance box.

5.Set up a waiting room for privacy

Preventing uninvited people from joining the meeting doesn’t have to be martyrdom. The well-known Zoombombing is a thing of the past with the Waiting Room function, which allows you to see all the participants before the meeting. You just have to set it in Account Management> Account Settings. You must click Meeting and then Waiting Room to enable the settings.

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